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Service Hotline

Contact the UNI-LASER service hotline where qualified and motivated laser experts will assist you with any questions or problems.

You can reach the UNI-LASER technical support via:

· Phone: 0086-21-58390081, or 0086-17721322081

· E-mail:

 When calling or emailing, please include the following information:

· Your Company name and contact information

· Machine serial number

· Software version and S/N code

Spare parts service

We keep permanent stocks of the most important spare parts for our laser machines. This guarantees short delivery times. We procure rare or discontinued spare parts at short notice so that we can respond promptly if necessary.

For ordering spare parts, contact:

· Phone: 0086-21-58390081, or 0086-17721322081

· E-mail:

Installation & commissioning

When you purchase a new system, the UNI-LASER service team will assist you, even with the commissioning of the laser. Prior to delivery of the machine, you will receive instructions to enable you to carry out all preparations necessary to ensure successful commissioning. We also offer you on-site installation of the laser machine as well as training by a service technician.

For advanced training and recommend course in company, Please contact:

· Phone: 0086-21-58390081, or 0086-17721322081

· E-mail:

FAQs on laser system application

We all at your service and offer you expertise, basic know-how and tips & tricks for working with the laser. You find a FAQ list of advanced articles that include explanations of terms and instructions on the topics laser engraving, laser cutting, and laser marking.