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Custom Any Vinyl Sticker on T-shirts 2020-10-31 17:19:26 1

Custom Any Vinyl Sticker on T-shirts

Let’s see how to make your own custom vinyl sticker on T-shirts.

Step1: Prepare the Heat Press Vinyl

Firstly, buy some colored heat press vinyl on any marketplace like Aliexpress , Amazon , ebay ,or local store. 

FYI, some customers are using heat press vinyl from 3M or Stahl’s brand. Unikoenx also sales good quality china brand Vinyl Materials .

Step 2: Design Vinyl Sticker Pattern

Using graphic design software to design the sticker pattern, it could be designed with company brand logo, numbers, or any fancy patterns.

In the garment industry, many businesses are turning to vinyl appliques for T-shirt design.

Step 3: Ready Vinyl Cutter

Export cutting file in DXF format.

Hereby recommend an efficient cutting solution to you, the UL-GS-D Dynamic CO2 Laser Making Machine, with high-speed galvanometer CO2 laser marking system, besides speedy vinyl cutting, it also can fast process other non-metal materials like jeans, wood, leather, and paper cards etc.

Step 4: Laser Cutting Vinyl Sticker

Place the vinyl on laser marking machine platform. And adjust to appropriate cutting parameters (as laser power and processing speed), then start laser marking.

Step 5: Finished Vinyl Cutting

The real-time process of laser cutting vinyl please check in SNS link.

In just a few seconds, many Nike logo are cut out with high efficiency and high precision, each logo edge is very smooth and clean. 

Step 6: Isolate the Sticker

After vinyl cutting, peel off the unwanted parts.

Step 7: Heat Press on T-shirts

Ready the automatic heat press machine or heat press the logo manually on T-shirts.

Isn’t it very SIMPLE, EASY AND FAST?

For the above-mentioned products as vinyl material or machines, if you’re interested, please feel free to contact us.

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