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UL-FC Series Automatic Conveyor

The feeding unit is a roller feed type conveyor, allowing further automation of textile and foil laser processing. The material is forwarded from the roller to the laser system where it is cut or engraved. The automatic edge control of the feeding unit ensures a constant material alignment and thus continuously precise high quality cuts – meter by meter. The material feed is stretching-free, and the contactless laser processing leads to excellent results.
1.    Mono or Double feeder vary with laser cutting application.
2.    An increase in productivity for loading and unloading during the cutting process.
3.    Workpiece removal during the cutting process at the collecting table possible.
4.    The material feed is stretching-free.
5.    Accurate placement of the workpiece through automatic edge control with the Feeding Unit.
6.    Processing of very large formats by edgeless continuation of cuts possible.

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