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UL-GS Series Laser Cutting Machine


General Details

UL-GS series high-precision laser cutting machine is a compact model with Max. processing area 1300x900mm, equipped with the digital control, modular mechanics and software specialized on the cutting of handicraft, electronic and advertising model. It’s suitable for prototype and light or on-demand production, also be best choice for educational purpose and your starting business.



1. Cutting the printed images and drawing, cutting the rastor pictures.
UL-GS-13090 is special design with Honey-comb + Knife-strip double working platform, equipped with load-lifting auto-control working platform. Accommodate to materials and application diversities, smooth cutting edges, do not need additional polish, suitable for flexible materials and acrylic cutting with high accuracy.
3. Rigid mechanical structure, even in high-speed movement (the maximum speed of up to 50m / min) the machine is still to maintain the stability and ensure the cutting accuracy.
4. Best quality Max. 130W CO2 laser tube with fine laser beam, stable peak laser power output, long service life and high reliability.
5. USA II-VI lens, optimized reflection and focus.
6. Automatic optimization of arc processing technology, automatic compensation for the curve, arc and multi-line, ensure the cutting edge is much more smooth and perfect.
7. Support hundreds files download and memory for off-line operation.
8. Advanced automatic compensation function for cutting laser power, cutting quality improved greatly.
9. Uni-laser multi-function cutting software, the engraving and cutting function in perfect harmony by one machine.
10. Give the user best usablility&reliability, higher acceleration and speed, plus high precision and accuracy.

Applicable Materials

Textiles&Fabrics,  Wood&Ploywood&MDF, Rubber, Plastic,  Acrylic, Filmes&Foils, Foam, Paper, Packaging box, Leather, Arts&crafts, Electronics parts, Non-metal materials, and bamboo products, touch screens etc.
Above includes materials commonly processed by laser, for questions on other materials please contact an applications specialist.​​

Technical Specification

Product Model





CO2 laser, Safety Class 2

Processing Area (W x L)

Honey-comb or Knife

Honey-comb or Knife

Honey-comb + Knife
Double Working Platform

Cooling Mode


Cutting Speed


Positioning Accuracy


Data or File Format


Laser Power


Power Requirements

AC 110/220V±5%


Unikonex Control and Cutting system

Exhaust Requirements

External Exhaust or Air Cleaner Required (Consult factory for Specification)

Mechanical Design

Fully enclosed with safety interlock system, laser safety class 2,CE compliant, maintenance-free, brushless DC motors.

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