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UL-MF Series Fiber Laser Marking Machine

General Details

UL-MF Series high-precision laser marking machine is a model with optical fiber laser device is well-prepared as an components which integrated the most advanced fiber laser source and high-quality galvo scanning system, 
processing area up to 170x170mm, Totally no optical pollution, no laser power coupling loss, air cooling only, It can provide stable laser power output, perfect optical mode, excellent beam quality and high marking speed, you can get a perfect marking perfomace and high efficiency, which can fulfill massive production. The advantages of this machine is easy operation, no consumption spare parts,maintenance free, long time working life. It’s suitable for continues production. High Performance, high productivity, quality and reliablity add up to a lower cost of ower-ship, that’s means cost saving for your business.


1、Integrated structure with Auto focusing technology and easy operational design.
2、Enhanced stability. Give the user best usability&reliability, high speed, plus high precision and accuracy.
3、Beam quality is much better than traditional solid-state laser marking machine, the diameter of focusing spot is less than 20um . It is very suitable for precision marking job.
4、High electro-optical conversion efficiency . The gross power consumption less than 800W .
5、No need any special maintenance, long working life design. 
6、High marking speed, It is 2-3 times fast than traditional marking machine.
7、Powerful marking software. It is compatible with file generate from coreldraw, AutoCAD, Photoshop, etc; support PLT,PCX, DXF, BMP format; SHX , TTF font can be used directly ;it also supports automatically coding, printing serial number, batch number, date, bar code, 2D bar code, number jumping automatically, etc.

Applicable Materials

Textiles&Fabrics,  Wood&Ploywood, Rubber, Plastic,  Acrylic, Filmes&Foils, Foam, Paper, Packing box, Leather, Arts &crafts, Electronics parts, Non-metal materials, and bamboo products, touch screens etc.
Above includes materials commonly processed by laser, for questions on other materials please contact our applications specialist.

Technical Specification

Product Model UL-MF            
Laser-Type Optical Fiber Laser, Safety Class 4
Processing Area (W x L) 110x110mm ~ 170x170mm
Cooling Mode Air-cooling
Marking Speed 4000mm/Sec.
Marking Frequency 20Hz~30Hz
Etch Deepth ≤0.8 mm
Min.Line width 0.01mm
Min.Character Height 0.01mm
Focusing Spot 10um
Marking Repeatability Accuracy 0.01mm
Data or File Format AI, BMP, PLT, DXF, DST
Laser Power 0-10W   adjustable
Power Requirements AC 110/220V±5%  50/60Hz
Power Consumption 800W
Machine Size(m)WxDxH 0.5*0.8*1.2
Machine Weight 75Kg

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