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Laser cutting machines for Advertising Industry

The laser cutting applied for advertising industries for many years already and so popular within in the advertising industry right now.

Advantages of laser cutting is High repeatability and consistent quality. No fixing of material necessary due to contactless and forceless processing, freely selectable contours especially for printed materials due to optical recognition system,Laser engraving and laser cutting in one single process step.

For example, Acrylic glass can be perfectly cut, engraved and marked with CO2 lasers, Polished cutting edges even in filigree contours without rework, both extruded and casted PMMA can be processed. Processing with protective foil possible, Chipless laser cutting and engraving of plexiglas, Neither tool wear nor tool change necessary in comparison to routing, drilling or sawing, No clamping or fixing of acrylics necessary.

Practically radius free laser cutting of acrylic of inner contours for all material thicknesses

Engraving of reliefs on acrylic.

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