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Optimized Technologies For Laser Cutting Of Labels 7/22/2018 10:18:36 PM 1

For the label cutting application, most plastic and paper labels cut perfect with CO2 lasers, as such material absorb the CO2 laser wavelength very well. There is only one type of special materials is vinyl-based labels, which typically be char and wave edge by vaporized. 

Traditional cutting method by die or knife machine, the old technology with the results in worse cutting qualities and a lot of waste. The laser cut by Unikonex laser cutting systems provides many advantages for laser cutting labels as follows.
1. Contact-free without chipping or splintering
2. Consistently high cutting quality with clean and perfect cut edge
3. No material fixation necessary – Suitable design honeycomb table
4. High degree of flexibility in the choice of contours
5. High speeds cutting apply for mass production
6. Kiss cutting or layered cutting can be option