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Izinkan kami memberi tahu Anda apa itu hijab laser cutting 9/20/2023 9:09:48 PM 1

In recent years, Indonesia has become a mecca for Muslim fashion because the majority of the population in Indonesia is Muslim. Talking about fashion never ends, right? Currently, fashion developments are increasingly developing day by day, one of which is Muslim fashion, more precisely, the development of the hijab. Hijab innovations with designs, motifs, sizes and shapes are very diverse nowadays and one of them that is currently in great demand is the laser cutting hijab. Laser cutting hijabs are widely available on the market in various types and hijab motifs. Maybe some of you still don't understand what laser cutting hijab is, right? Come on, let's look at the explanation about laser cut hijab below.

Actually, what is laser cutting or laser cut hijab? Laser cutting hijab is a type of hijab decorated with motifs with scallop cuts on the edge of the hijab. For an understanding of the laser cutting process, see the following article. Hijab with laser processing can be applied to various types of hijab such as square, pashmina, bergo and many more.

With the trend of scallop cut hijabs, there are several advantages compared to hijabs with wool, rawis, double line or other edges. Here are some of the advantages of hijabs with laser cutting edges.

Mesin Pemotong Laser Hijab Terbaik


The most visible advantage of the laser cutting hijab is that the hijab becomes much neater because the edges are cut using a laser cutting process. This cut is a characteristic that cannot be found in other types of hijab cuts


Laser cutting hijabs are much sought after by Muslim fashion lovers because they have a unique design, laser cutting motifs on the hijab can be adjusted to suit your needs or current trends on the market. So it's not just one or two hijab motifs but there can be many motifs

Precision Hijab Cut

Compared to hijabs with sewn edges, laser hijabs have a much more precise design than stitched ones because they are processed using a machine and it is impossible to have a different design or shift.

Mesin Pemotong Laser Hijab Terbaik
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