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Application and development of laser technology in the glass and mirror industry 5/30/2024 4:05:41 AM 1

Laser machines are widely and deeply used in the field of glass and mirrors, and their main applications are reflected in the following: 

1.Laser marking technology

① Multiple laser irradiation method: This technology forms a clear and visible mark on the glass surface through multiple laser irradiations. The principle is to use heat conduction to heat adjacent parts of the marked area to form a stress gradient, thereby effectively reducing the risk of subsequent cracking. - 

② Annular crack method: Using this method, the laser can generate a series of annular cracks on the glass surface. These cracks can be combined into various patterns such as text, barcodes, etc. to add personalized elements to glass products.

2. Laser Cutting Technology

Laser cutting technology is widely used in the glass industry, including cutting and processing of home appliance glass, medical glass, display panels, and photovoltaic silicon wafers. Its processing range covers glasses with thicknesses ranging from 0.1 mm to 10 mm, showing significant advantages in high accuracy, high yield and small edge chipping.

In the mobile phone manufacturing industry, laser technology also plays an important role, especially in the curved cutting of OLED screens and the processing of tempered glass and sapphire cover glass for mobile phone covers.

3. Laser drilling technology

Laser drilling can be applied to various glass materials, including photovoltaic glass, home appliance glass, medical glass, etc. This technology can process complex hole shapes such as special-shaped holes and micro holes. Compared to conventional mechanical processing methods, it has higher yield and accuracy, while having less edge collapse and taper.

4. Laser engraving and internal engraving technology

Laser engraving technology can achieve fine patterns and text processing on glass surfaces. It is widely used in fields such as glassware, glass handicrafts, and glass doors and windows, significantly improving the aesthetics and added value of the product.

Laser Internal Engraving Technology focuses on creating unique artistic effects and enriching the artistic expression of glass products by engraving the inside of the glass.

5. Laser film removal and measurement technology

Laser film removal technology is suitable for film removal processes such as glass surface coatings and coatings to achieve fast, smooth and accurate film removal without damaging the substrate.

Laser measurement technology uses a high-precision CCD camera online acquisition system to output data such as glass size specifications, surface dirt and corner damage in real time, providing strong support for product control.

In summary, the application of laser machines in the glass field presents diverse characteristics, covering marking, cutting, drilling, engraving, film removal and measurement. These applications not only improve the accuracy and efficiency of glass processing, but also further expand the application field and market prospects of glass products.