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How a CO2 Laser Marking Machine Creates Precise Ventilation Holes in Sportswear 6/25/2024 3:04:04 AM 1

How does the CO2 galvanometer marking machine accurately create ventilation holes on sportswear? The secret lies mainly in the use of CO2 lasers and galvanometer marking technology. Next, we will analyze the various steps of this process in detail:

1. How CO2 lasers work:

- CO2 lasers use CO2 gas and other auxiliary gases.
- When we apply high voltage to the electrode, the gas will glow and release a special light, which we call laser.
- This laser is very powerful and can be used to process materials.

2. How to generate and control lasers:

- After the laser is emitted from the laser, it will pass through several components to adjust its intensity and shape.
- In the end, the laser will be adjusted to a parallel and uniform beam of light.

3. The role of galvanometer marking technology:

- The galvanometer can move the laser beam quickly and accurately.
- Through computer control, the galvanometer can accurately print patterns, text or lines on the material according to our needs.

4. How to make ventilation holes in sportswear:
- When the laser is irradiated on the sportswear, its high energy causes some areas of the fabric to heat up and evaporate.
- By adjusting the intensity and exposure time of the laser, we can accurately make ventilation holes in the sportswear.

5. Features of ventilation holes:

- The edges of the ventilation holes made using laser technology are very neat and there will be no burrs.
- We can precisely control the size, shape and position of the ventilation holes to ensure that all parts of the sportswear, such as shoulders, chest and armpits, have good breathability.

In general, the CO2 galvanometer marking machine uses powerful lasers and precise galvanometer technology to make neat and accurately positioned ventilation holes on sportswear, making the sportswear both breathable and beautiful.