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New Launch Dual-Vision Machine for Large Size Fabric Cutting
New Launch Dual-Vision Laser System for Large Size Sublimation Fabric Cutting 1/25/2020 6:17:53 PM 1

New Launch Dual-Vision Laser System for Large Size Sublimation Fabric Cutting

In Jan. 2020, Unikonex new launch the worldwide first Dual-Vision Laser System with working table size 3200mmX1500mm, special equipped with dedicated control and vision system, really suitable for cutting of Large Size Sublimation Fabric. Fullfil the market demand to work with 3.2m sublimation heat transfer machine and digital printer.
● Versatile - A variety Non-metal materials suitable for cutting, like most of textile and fabrics, polyester, cotton, microfiber, polyamide, PVC, vinyl, etc.
● High Speed - Laser cutting speed reaches up to 800 mm/s.
● High Productivity
● Fully Automatic Process - Automated production process with conveyor and auto-feeding system, optimized sequenced process includes:      Sublimation fabric feeding,  vision recognition, contour extraction, contour cutting, Sublimation fabric feeding .
● Precise - High precision, smooth cutting edge, no fraying, automatic sealed edges.
● Clean - Non-contact cutting process. No yellow, No dark, No burn.
● Cost Down – Save materials, save labor cost and delivery quickly with controlable.
● AI vision recognition technology - 3 seconds to finish the vision recognition of large size area 1.5m x 3m . the camera can quickly capture the printed fabric, or stripes, plaids fabric by real-time picture and the cutting path data transfer to cutting machine. After cutting all printed pattern on table, program will control the system repeat the same process.
● Specializes - in the processing of elastic material, because of laser non-contact cutting technology. Cutting edge clean, soft, tidy, automatic sealing edge, high accuracy.