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How much do you know about laser-cut heat transfer vinyl? 4/19/2022 2:54:05 PM 1

Heat transfer vinyl is a kind of material suitable for printing on various textile fabrics. Whether you are decorating for sportswear, athletics, corporate or fashion apparel. It is not limited by the printing color and has good coverage. By cutting some letter combinations, pattern characters, etc. on the vinyl, the shape can become more outstanding.

The traditional vinyl cutting machine has a slow speed and a high wear rate. Nowadays, the garment and textile industry generally adopts vinyl laser cutting machines for vinyl cutting. And also it offer game-changing solution for every sport. 

How does a vinyl laser cutting machine work? Workflow?
1. Import the files to be cut into the laser cutting software, and then use the laser marking machine to cut.
2. Remove the unwanted vinyl.
3. Use the heat transfer machine to transfer on the T-shirt or gloves.
4. The heat transfer temperature is between 155-165°C for 10-15 seconds. Cold tear after the transfer is completed.