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Laser marking automotive metal gears, indelible precision quality 5/24/2022 3:22:29 PM 1

With the acceleration of the development of lightweight and high-performance automobiles, automobile gears are also evolving towards heavy-duty and high-precision, and strive for small size, light weight, long life and economical reliability of gears. At the same time, the standardization and branding of gear production The process is also accelerating.Laser marking technology is more and more used in gear processing, laser marking the indelible quality of precision work.

In order to ensure genuine rights and quality traceability, automobile gears are usually marked with information such as the model, brand and size of the gears, in the form of characters, logo patterns, and complex identifications such as QR codes and barcodes. The traditional gear marking processing methods include carburizing marking and quenching processes, etc., the processing procedures are complicated and tedious, the cost is high, and it is easy to cause industrial pollution.Not conducive to workers' health and environmental protection.

Laser marking uses a high-energy density beam to mark the surface of the workpiece, without the use of any other chemicals and other media, and will not corrode the surface of the gear; the marking process has no contact with the workpiece, and will not cause any deformation and damage to the gear. Realize fast, efficient, clean and pollution-free processing, the marking effect is clear and three-dimensional, the texture is beautiful, and it is resistant to scratches, oil, and high temperature. It will not be blurred and faded due to changes in time, environment and other factors, and achieve long-term marking and traceability.

The laser marking process is operated by a computer software system, which can freely design various characters, symbols and complex patterns, and at the same time meet the needs of personalized brand design and large-scale production.