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Laser Glass Cutting For Art Creations 7/5/2017 10:20:01 PM 1

Laser cutting is a very precise cutting technique very popular in industry. This kind of cutting technique offers a very high precision level that can't be matched by anything else. A very powerful laser is aimed at the material that must be cut. 

The material melts burns or vaporizes producing a quality finish. Choose us, we are professional Industrial Cutting Machine suppliers.

Besides usual materials like metal wood or plastic these lasers are also useful for cutting glass. Glass is a material used for many purposes. Besides the classic products that can be made of glass like bottles and windows, this material is also useful in telecommunication or information. These up to date areas require a very high precision level that can't be achieved by any other method.

Classic glass cutting techniques make contact with the glass and increase the chances of unnecessary abrasion or scratches. This old glass cutting methods also leads to material loss which should definitely be avoided.

The appearance of lasers has definitely improved the glass cutting process. Using a laser beam great precise shapes with a smooth edge finish can be attained. The laser beam has a power between 1000 and 2000 watts. Most laser cutters are incorporated into a machine that uses software in order to function. A class 4 laser is being used; therefore the users must avoid the direct contact. The CO2 laser is very popular in glass cutting.

There are many benefits of laser cut glass. Besides the smooth edges, most micro-cracks are completely eradicated. Glass that was cut with a laser is three times more durable than usual cut glass. Because this process doesn't require cutting oil, the washing procedure is also eliminated.

Using a cutting laser, glass of any thickness can be attained. This device can be used to produce anything from frames and decorative items to display glasses or quartz crystals.