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Advanced Laser Processes for Sportswear Ventilation Holes 7/9/2018 10:32:20 PM 1

At Unikonex, we have been applying our application expertise and state-of-the-art laser technology to the applications of Sportswear/Garment industry more than 10 years. Our general laser cutting, ventilation hole laser cutting, and vision laser cutting have been integral to the creation of a variety of apparels/ garment/ sportswear items, including textile & fabric of cutting, printed or yarn logo sign cutting, dye sublimation printed sportswear and many others automatic cutting.

We have proven experience working with a wide variety of non-metal materials, like fabric, textile and other materials, and provide our services to an extensive range of applications. Our ever-growing technological capabilities mean the most advanced laser processes for the most advanced and demanding for apparels/ garment/ sportswear industrial.

The advantage of laser cut ventilation hole is the sealing and fabric reinforcement that occurs around the outside edge versus a cut that is done by a simple punch. As the laser cuts the fabric, the edge of the material is heated and fused together. This structural advantage allows the use of laser cut hole even in very small diameter.

The advanced processes for laser cut ventilation holes now is very popular and widely accepted by NIKE, ADIDAS, UNDER ARMOUR, PUMA, CASTELLI etc. so many famous sportswear brand company and equipped by the official authorized OEM factory for mass production.