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How to Enhance Production With the Use of Laser Cutting Syst 4/19/2017 12:42:30 AM 1

To run a business isn't so obvious, especially when you are a producer in the steel & metal industry. Money is a resource. Today entrepreneurs should take steps to economize production and save as much resources as possible.

But how to do it? Just update you company's software and let it be more creative.

There is only one big problem with the laser cutting systems - relatively high cost of a production waste. How to change it? Entrepreneurs should invest more money into new, smart software. Especially the one which saves materials. In almost all laser cutting machines it is called "drop & cut" function.

It works in a very simple way. On the screen, during the machining process, the operator is able to monitor, position and adjust the specific section of the plate. Production of a new element therefore takes place on the principle of using the system entered a new cutter geometry of the workpiece. Just move your finger onto virtual geometry of the workpiece and the production starts.

Thanks to placing inside the machine, a video camera system is able to monitor the metalworking area and allows to use remains in order to make other items. Adding a virtual geometry of the workpiece on the remnants is done intuitively directly from the touch panel.

Why to choose a new software?

Software in metal fabricating machines is rather very specific, hard to learn from the very beginning and sophisticated. It uses the touch screen with pre-loaded virtual contours. There is no need to programme the machine again in order to continue production.

Selection of software products is not so big in a metal branch, but to choose the most serviceable is a very important matter. In consequence productivity can be better. Less wastage is higher production, remember it.

To conclude, almost every new laser cutting system has a special version of smart cutting. It is hard to decide which one is the best, but it seems that today it is absolute obligatory to use such software. If only you would like to save money and time, you should try it.

Any drawbacks?

The described update is yet another option, which at the very beginning needs your attention. Installation is very easy, but each new element has to be designed first, then uploaded, tested and only then you can use it.

The biggest problem is proper usage of material leftovers. Not everything can be done with the usage of a plate remnants. Do not think that you will be able to use material to the very end, it is impossible.

Laser cutting technology is expensive, that kind of services also, so why waste money?