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Why choose Laser Beam Cutting Machine? 3/1/2017 8:50:38 AM 1

Laser Beam Cutting Machine works by using a highly focused beam of light to cut or etch materials. Depending on the type of laser you use, the material is either blown away by jets of gas, burned or vaporized, producing a high precision cut, etching, edge, or boring. Laser cutters increase both the quality and speed of the cutting process, because a laser doesn't wear out or maintain prolonged contact with the material, like most other cutting and etching tools do. But that's not all. Here are ten more benefits to using a laser cutting machine:

- Laser Beam Cutting Machine can be used to cut various materials with a high degree of precision, from sheet metal to plastics, ceramics, wax and wood.

- Laser Beam Cutting Machine do not use cutting blades and therefore won't need replacing with time. Because of this you can use the laser as often as you like with little maintenance and no drop in quality.

- Because of the high degree of precision involved with laser cutting, you can easily cut materials which would otherwise be difficult to cut.

- As the laser is so precise and has such a limited area of effect, you can cut materials without warping or damaging the surrounding material in any way. Matched against some other types of heat-cutting, a laser's heat is very concentrated, stopping it from affecting the area around the cut.

- Materials that do not melt, such as certain there most plastics, carbon and wood, can be cut with a vaporization process, where the waste material will be vaporized, essentially removing it.

- With laser cutting, you can produce borings, etchings and cuts to amazingly precise tolerances. Most Laser Beam Cutting Machine can be positioned accurately to tolerances of 5 - 10 micrometers. (.000005m-.00001m) A micrometer is less than the width of a human hair.

- Laser cutters are usually reasonably simple to operate and don't demand a great deal of training or skill to master. Most laser cutting tool suppliers provide any training needed.

- Laser Beam Cutting Machine allow you to significantly reduce clean up time and effort, because they create much less waste than machine cutters. Metal is cut without shavings and wood is cut without sawdust. Most of the time, the small amounts of material waste can be picked up using a ordinary shop vac.

- Laser Beam Cutting Machine can be modified to produce similar effects to that of a blow-torch but with greater consistency and precision. This is called 'reactive cutting' and is often used on steel that is over 1mm thick.

- Laser cutting tools could be used to intentionally crack materials that are sensitive to heat fracture. Typically used when working with glass, this technique allows you to manipulate and move the crack to suit production needs.