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Green printing with laser cutting solution 11/24/2017 10:35:37 PM 1

Green development, intelligent manufacturing, China textile printing and dyeing market has been changed greatly. 

At present, the high consumption of high pollution and low added value in traditional printing and dyeing industry is a red sea market.  As one of the traditional manufacturing industries in China, textile printing and dyeing industry is confronted with the real problems such as increasing labor costs of weak production capacity and increasing labor costs, and the market space is shrinking rapidly and needs to be upgraded. 

Digital printing technology with low pollution, low consumption and high added value, conforms to the sustainable development trend of green environmental protection, but also cater to the small batch more varieties, short delivery in fast fashion, in line with the transformation in the development of printing and dyeing industry in the future.

Laser cutting assisted digital printing to bring you more fast, more efficient and more economical cutting solutions. More information about laser cutting for fabric cutting, textile cutting, garment cutting, sportswear cutting, printed fabric cutting, digital printed material cutting, etc. please visit application.