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How to reduce the operational cost of apparel industry? 11/8/2017 10:38:20 PM 1

One of the biggest challenge for garment manufacturing today is to meet the diverse demands of consumers, especially customization, will be the case of rising costs. Consumers are more demanding than ever, requiring faster delivery, more personalized solutions, more stylish avantgarde designs, and of course, still shall be more competitive prices.

So how to update the processing technology, change the production process to adapt to the changing market? Visionary garment makers have pioneered the upgrading of technology, using advanced laser processing equipment to control each cost and make their investments more rewarding.

So, what is the secret of laser technology to help the apparel industry to win?

1.  Selection of omni-directional laser technology

China is a 1.3 billion of the population, is the world's largest clothing consumer and producer countries, therefore, clothing style is more variety. And laser technology suitable for cutting, engraving, carving, punching, hollowing and other processes as a completely solution, can meet the aesthetic needs of different consumers. For example, the cloth embroidered to make clothing more stereo, digital printing applications to make clothing more personalized, there are bold cutting tassels and skirts carved hollow to make clothing more sexy and so on.

In order to fully meet the trend of the apparel industry, in the laser processing technology, there will be suitable for cloth embroidery, vision laser cutting system for digital printing, there are also 2 laser heads, 4 laser heads laser cutting machine suitable for Clothes and skirts cutting. Clothing manufacturers can select suitable laser equipment according to their own processing needs.

2. Powerful laser software system function

Laser equipment in the processing process can minimize errors, and automatic typesetting function can make full use of materials, reduce processing costs.

For example, the Unikonex technologies control and cutting system can be combined with the CAD/CAM software, the special applications include the automatic identification of the profile and defect points of the leather material, can do automatic blanking layout and automatic cutting process automation processing, greatly improve the production efficiency, and improve the utilization rate of materials, more than 85% of the effective use of material, reduce the wastage rate.

3. Automatic feeding function

Fabric is an important material cost in garment manufacturing, especially the expensive fabric of leather, silk and other materials. As a result, clothing manufacturers have found suitable laser cutting equipment to reduce the consumption of cloth. For example, automatic conveyor feed laser cutting system, it can process for roll to roll fabric, only a few seconds can feed in the platform for laser cutting. This not only reduces material waste, but also simplifies the process of processing, resulting in higher cost-effectiveness.

The processing advantage of laser machine is far more than that, and the simple points above are enough to help most garment manufacturers adapt to the increasingly difficult market environment. If you are still puzzled by the problems of garment manufacturing, you may wish to integrate the laser technology perfectly into the garment processing process and manage it in a proper way, which will help you multiply the cost and multiply the benefits in the production process.