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Laser Engraving System new technology 12/15/2016 9:41:33 AM 1
Laser Engraving System is a relatively new technology that has not been around for very long. Already its' reputation within the industry as a clean and accurate designing method is well-known. 2-D and 3-D engraving is created of a higher quality and standard through laser cutting and etching, and the development of high standard laser engraving machines has followed on from this.
You can find that the equipment for Laser Engraving System comes in a three tier range, starting from a starter series to a more mass-scale production line at the Fiber Mark level. The Starter series fits perfectly for both high-level recreational, meaning engraving ones' own accessories, or for a business in its' first steps of existence. The quality of function for this series is by no means low-quality, it is simply the level of production, size, and range of materials that the equipment can efficiently cut and engrave upon. They traditionally cut acrylic or wood materials but are able to also cut marble or glass.
The second series allows for higher definition of quality but again range of materials it is able to cut should be well researched depending on the needs of the Laser Engraving System company or individual. The top of the range Fiber Series can cut and engrave metals of almost all kinds and is available for companies with a high production output.